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anywhere in the world.

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Fully monitors for leaks hidden under slabs, behind walls & in ceilings

Control systems at multiple properties easily with mobile app

Customizable commercial-grade solution works with even the most complex plumbing system

Easily ties into your home security system

Provides full water flow and pressure to your water-using systems

Protects with automatic water shutoff if a leak is detected

This system is terrific. It limits water waste when I’m home and gives me peace of mind when I’m away from home.

Homeowner, California

Thanks to the Leak Defense System, we learned that our pool pump was leaking.

Homeowner, Tennessee

This system is ideal for our northern climate. I don’t have to worry anymore about a flooded house if the pipes freeze.

Homeowner, Minnesota

The system is straightforward and easy to use.

Homeowner, Tennessee

How It Works


Leak Defense System Valve

The Leak Defense System automatic water shut-off control valve is installed on the structure’s incoming waterline. Once installed, it monitors water flow 24/7. There’s a pipe size to fit every application from ¾" to 3". It’s the best water leak detector on the market for leak protection!

White Control Panel for LDS

Control Panel

Water usage varies in every application. The user-friendly wireless control panel lets you set your Leak Defense System to fit the water usage needs of your family’s lifestyle, business or building needs. It can also be connected to a 3rd party monitoring company to make sure an alert always gets attention even if you’re not around.


Your Mobile Devices

Going on vacation? Have a vacation home and want to make sure all the plumbing is water tight? Simply register your device and enjoy remote control of your Leak Defense System. If you travel frequently or have multiple systems, you can monitor and control each system individually. This feature is especially valuable for someone who owns multiple residential properties.

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