Our History

We invested in a new Leak Defense technology to
relieve you of all water maintenance worries

Meet the Team

‘A leak is a leak!’

Our first steps began with teamwork, then water came around.

Our founder Scott valued the advantage of small businesses. Through his work as a medical educator and business owner, he recognized the power of a positive and close-knit team environment. This kind of team makes for the most satisfied customers. And, happy customers are the best reward for
any business.

In 2005, Scott came across a technology he had never encountered before. Like most people, he did not know a lot about water except that having
experienced a water loss previously he realized how disruptive and expensive it could be! Living in California also reinforced the benefit
of proper water maintenance and security. It was a no brainer how valuable this technology could be. It would save people time and help the

Knowing first hand how frustrating leaks were, he decided to invest in a new leak defense technology to combat the destructive force of water.
This decision set us all on an exciting adventure like no other. It challenged us to care for every detail and to face the unpredictability of water and life
as well as market forces, save people time and money, eliminate a major life-changing hassle and help the environment.

We diligently focused our effort into two things: engineering and customer support. We wanted an easy to use, expertly crafted and reliable product for all our
customers. That is why we chose to engineer each system in the US with the best quality Italian materials.

We also wanted every customer to confidently understand the Leak Defense System. That required building a friendly and responsible team that is equally proud of the product. This all contributed to our launch in 2007.

Sadly, the economic crisis disrupted our strategy for rolling out the Leak Defense in new construction. We were disappointed just like everyone else. We lost contracts. We lost a hand on our market. Yet, we trusted that standing by our principles and product would eventually bring about a positive outcome. The need still existed for people to feel more secure and confident about their plumbing systems. We did not want to give up on that and maintenance and security still needed better solutions. We knew our product had a technology and usability that was lacking in the water security market. Our focus on teamwork and partnership pushed us to continue to advance our already cutting-edge technologies while maintaining our core principles.

Today, we are so grateful to be the leading innovators of water security. We offer our service across the entire U.S. and Canada. This could not have been done without each of our bright and people-minded team members and our client partners who have continued to support us, especially in the insurance and plumbing industries. Our team’s commitment to providing Best In Class service is unmatched in the industry and it equals the robust and sophisticated design for all of the Leak Defense System family of products.

And we’ve got great clients! We hope you’ll become one of them.

We look forward to eliminating all of your water maintenance worries for years to come. Peace of mind is priceless!