Water damage repairs can easily cost you more than $50,000

And no insurance can replace family photos and other priceless treasures or important business documents once water has destroyed them.

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Leak Defense

Where do you need protection?

High Rise Buildings

Interested in commercial applications?

Commercial Solutions

Fits Any Size Pipe from 3/4″ to 3″

The Leak Defense System is available in pipe sizes from ¾” to 3″, so it fits any application.

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How it works

  • Easy to use control panel and app for remote management.
  • Originally created to catch pinhole and slab leaks
  • Can detect leaks behind walls and in ceilings
  • Automatically shuts off water if leak is detected
  • Designed to tie into a security system for additional notification
  • Provides one-touch turn off of incoming water supply
  • May help reduce water consumption for added savings
  • Flexible and expandable to meet individual needs
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leak defense valve
The Heart

Leak Defense System Valve

The Leak Defense System automatic water shut-off control valve is installed on the structure’s incoming waterline. Once installed, it monitors water flow 24/7. There’s a pipe size to fit every application from ¾" to 3". It’s the best water leak detector on the market for leak protection!

White Control Panel for LDS
The Eyes

Control Panel

Water usage varies in every application. The user-friendly wireless control panel lets you set your Leak Defense System to fit the water usage needs of your family’s lifestyle, business or building needs. It can also be connected to a 3rd party monitoring company to make sure an alert always gets attention even if you’re nowhere around.

Ultimate Control

Your Mobile Devices

Going on vacation? Have a vacation home and want to make sure all the plumbing is water tight? Simply register your device at catchaleak.com and enjoy remote control of your Leak Defense System. If you have multiple systems, you can monitor and control each system individually.. This feature is especially valuable for someone who owns multiple residential properties.

Monitor your device from anywhere in the world. Be notified if there’s a problem.

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Patented Technology.

Not all flow sensors are created equal. A detection system is not a guarantee that you won’t have leak, but this kind of durability, sensitivity, and quality technical support when you need it mean that if a leak happens you can count on the device to detect it, take action, and never be in the dark again. With no moving parts and a full-port flowbody, we can offer you pinhole leak detection and no drop in your water pressure.

We can do it all.

We have a variety of accessories that have been developed to make the transition to a leak free life as fluid as possible. From outdoor timers to an Alarm Panel Interface that lets you automatically put your system in the Away mode when you arm your security system.

Leak Defense System available in 7 sizes from 0.75″ to 3″.

Made with full-port, Italian-made Bonomi valves and actuators. Developed and assembled in San Diego, CA.

What makes the Leak Defense System different?

  • Elegant sensor technology (no decreased water flow)

  • Proven and trusted by major insurance carriers

  • Fits any size pipe

  • Fully customizable to your home’s needs

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